Sketch-a-Day | Day 16 & 17

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 17 | 17/1/17

Studying the cat paw, continuing the feline theme! Also general digitigrade anatomy. Referenced from various images on good old pinterest – back to the anatomy books tomorrow… Weird how you can see something almost every day but not actually ‘see’ it until you take a closer look (ie, cats paws)

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 16 | 16/1/17

Some really bad cat movement studies :s I’m not great at felines, maybe because I tend to avoid them so as not to to them a disservice haha (they are my favourite)… Only cure is more studying them then! ? (I don’t feel too bad about only doing some little studies today as I did lots of other things for work which was beneficial, so happy about that! 🙂 )


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18 January 2017