Sketch-a-Day | Day 22 & 23

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 22 | 22/1/17

Playing catch up! Guess what, another Sphynx cat. Shocker.

Very quick and rough and something cartoony… think its the Disney eyes?! I actually quite like the style of it, so I might try and do more like this in future…

(Amazing ref photo from @Mrs.Murrs on instagram)


Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 23 | 23/1/17

What, more cats?

Two VERY sketchy quick studies of some interesting poses… It’s difficult not to take them further than a quick sketch but I’d never get anything done if I did that 😛 so I must try and be strict on occasion!

(References were some cool photos by Ilona Mikolajczyk)


More about the Sketch-A-Day challenge here

23 January 2017