Sketch-a-Day Challenge

Let the Sketch-a-Day challenge commence!

Challenge: Do a sketch. Every day.

Challenger: Myself

Challengee: Also myself. And anyone else who fancies getting involved. I’m looking at you.

Why?: I’m always doing 3D art, whether its for work or personal stuff, and found recently that I hadn’t actually DRAWN anything for a really long time. Sure, i’ll do some quick concept paintings in Photoshop BUT rarely will I draw from scratch for the sake of, you know, drawing. Hence the challenge. The aim is to improve my observational skills (from life as well as photo refs and videos) alongside physical muscle memory drawing and growing my ‘visual library’ for use in the rest of my work.

I’ll try and keep it up for as long as I can – if I miss a day for some kind of dire emergency reason like needing to go out and socialise, I will make it up the following day with twice as much drawing!

1 December 2016
1 January 2017