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  • NHM sketches

    17 February 2018

    A few sketch pages from the Natural History Museum’s wondrous contents… It was nice (albeit scary) going back to a traditional sketchbook and pens…

  • Horse study

    4 April 2017

    Had a lot of fun with this one… Drew the initial sketch in Procreate on the iPad Pro, thenΒ coloured it in Photoshop

    (Again thank you…

  • Cassowary colour

    4 April 2017
    Cassowary sketch 3/4/17

    CASSOWARY! Real life dinosaurs…

    I actually sketched this ages ago for one of my ‘sketch a day’ drawings, but wanted to revisit it and tweaked…

  • Tiger illustration

    4 April 2017

    Tiger study referenced from a video I shot at ZSL London Zoo of the beautiful Melati…

    Was fun taking this one through to colour! Must…

  • Tiger sketches

    12 March 2017
    Tiger sketch studies on iPad Pro

    Tiger sketch studies on the iPad Pro from video footage I shot at London Zoo… Such gorgeous creatures!

    Timelapse video of one of the tiger…

  • Sketch-a-Day | Day 24

    24 January 2017

    Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 24 | 24/1/17

    This is another cat I drew #AlternativeFacts … πŸ˜‰
    UPDATE: I’ve since revisited this drawing and completedΒ it to full…

  • Sketch-a-Day | Day 22 & 23

    23 January 2017

    Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 22 | 22/1/17

    Playing catch up! Guess what, another Sphynx cat. Shocker.

    Very quick and rough and somethingΒ cartoony… think its the Disney…