Quick face studies – April ’19

Hello! Long time no update… I’ve been CRAZY busy with work since I got back from the trip in Nov/Dec (still putting together the blog posts for that, they’re coming!) so rarely have time to do anything… I spend most of my working hours doing costume illustration and sculpting animals, and am very aware that my ‘online presence’ doesn’t reflect this at all (generally because i’m not usually allowed to show any professional work), so i’m trying to take some time to do more quick studies etc when I can and slowly try to increase the amount of ‘character’ work I have online and also just improve my visual library in general. Also, it’s fun 🙂

Couple of little face studies here – the first one was drawn in Photoshop one lunchtime (about ten mins) with the reference image flipped backwards so you end up not copying the image directly, but just using it to inform what you’re doing etc… Fun experiment! Really liked the more stylised sketch, less keen on the colour which was added after on the iPad before I went to sleep later on. Interesting to see how my interpretation of the ref photo came out, definitely want to explore this ‘look’ more.

Exported time-lapse video from the iPad Pro (Procreate app) of adding quick colour to the drawing

Not so keen on this one… Sketched it on the iPad with the reference image on my laptop in front of me on the sofa. The underlying drawing was rushed and not very considered, went straight into the shading and then colour… Different approach to the face study before, and I like the result a lot less (I think because I was too focused on trying to mimic the ref photo rather just the essence of it)…
14.4.19 – Noodling around in ZBrush doing a quick 3D head study. Loved doing this, will definitely be doing more… Good to mix up doing the 3D and 2D, one feeds back into the other…
21 November 2018