Prey creature design thumbnails

I rarely show in-progress personal stuff like this, but thought it’s time I did…

I’ve got a personal IP project i’ve been developing since the dawn of time, and I was givenĀ a creature design challenge for an online class i’ve been doing – no better excuse than doing a class to get your backside in gear and produce some new things!

There’s a prey creature (below) and a predator which hunts it that i’ve been sketching out – started with a LOAD of tiny thumbnail silhouette shapes to explore the antelope/gerenuk/giraffe vibe combined with insect/crustacean influenced carapaces. These are the main ones I liked from my explorations so I worked them up a little bit more and had a play with some different head options etc…

I’ll likely develop all of them at some stage (I can find a nook in my imaginary world for them somewhere!) but for the immediate future, i’m going to settle on one of these (and it’s predator) and hopefully take them all the way through to a sculpt.

Creature design thumbnail sketches

Creature thumbnail sketches

4 April 2017
4 April 2017