• Singapore Zoo

    21 November 2018

    Post-in-progress! Please come back shortly 🙂

    Warning: I hope you’re sitting comfortably, this is a fairly lengthy post with a lot of images but I…

  • Boot model 3D WIP

    4 August 2018

    Some boots i’m modelling for my little punk character for fun personal project! Didn’t mean them to be quite so Doc Martens-esque but that…

  • Punk character WIP

    4 August 2018

    Fun little semi-stylised character i’m working on for a personal project… Started November ish last year, will keep noodling away when I get time!


  • Microsoft Bing commercial

    7 April 2018

    Soooooo, i’ve been getting a lot of messages about being spotted on friends’/family’s televisions 😛

    Four weeks ago, the Bing commercial I was in aired…