Mads Mikkelsen quick portrait study

I haven’t had hardly ANY time lately to do anything other than work (not that i’m complaining because I love what I do! But sometimes you just gotta do something for your self to keep sane 😉 )

Saw a beautiful portrait of Mads Mikkelsen (my favourite actor) appear online and had to do a Sunday afternooon photo study! I’ve not done any studies in a while and I think it’s super important to do them to keep expanding your ‘visual library’ and general understanding… so, trying to avoid rusting too much, here we go 🙂

I could have worked into it a LOT more and corrected some extra things i’m noticing, but I didn’t want to defeat the object of the exercise (a ‘quick study’ already turned into about 1.5hrs which wasn’t the plan!). I’ve included a little work-in-progress image as well, and looking at that I actually prefer it when it was rougher – less ‘accurate’ but conveyed the lighting and the face enough, should have left it there and done a few more… next time!


Mads Mikkelsen – quick sketch study – 13th May ’18


Mads Mikkelsen – quick sketch study sheet – 13th May ’18


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    Jason Bean

    27 May 2018

    Very impressive. If this much detail is in a quick 1.5hr study I’d be interested in how intricate you could get in a larger piece with more time. I personally believe you need to have a good image in your minds eye to use ink. Not a lot you can do to alter mistakes if made. Love the work you do.