Blender donut

I’m finally trying to learn Blender (another 3D software) in my ‘spare’ time (HAHAHAHAH FUNNY JOKE) and decided to follow along with the renowned BlenderGuru donut tutorial, because why not… Donut looks kinda silly and I could have definitely sculpted a much better donut MUCH quicker in ZBrush, but was good to go through the…

First photo reference pack for artists

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well in these weird times…

Whilst being kept in one place, i’ve finally started piecing together the many photo reference packs I’ve been collating over the years. SUPER happy to announce the first of these, British Spring Flora, is available now! It’s a collection…

Portrait Study 12/01/2020

Last night’s portrait sketch study to try to absorb more face information! Put together a little process explanation for anyone interested… 

Portrait study sketch – colour overlay

Process breakdown

Portrait study sketch – tonal drawing

Based on a photo reference by my old pal Brian Rolfe – personal study/improvement purposes only, no copyright infringement…

Prague Zoo / Zoo Praha

19/10/19 & 26/10/19

Cassowary that kindly posed for me for about 20 minutes 🙂

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019

Prague Zoo – October 2019


Carnival Row – MuFX concepts

Very happy to be able to show some of the concept art I did for the Makeup Effects (MuFX) department on Amazon’s Carnival Row tv show.

The team did such a beautiful job on everything in this show (MuFX department with Nick Dudman 2017) – The show itself was brilliant,…

King Arthur film – sirens concepts

Seeing as it’s #MerMay, finally sharing some old concepts from way back in 2014 from the King Arthur movie – these were fun initial quick iterations for what the sirens could possibly look like.

I’ve got a LOT of stuff from this, will post some more soon!

A very enjoyable project…

WIP creepy guy

A closer crop of a painting i’ve been doing the past two evenings… Creepy royal alien dude looking nefarious… Started with a very rough sketch with no idea where it would go, and the shape of monk in prayer sort of appeared in the sketching… which then developed into…

Character/Costume doodling

I’ve been making an effort to just sketch the past week or so – it’s all well and good drawing/sculpting for work, but it’s SO refreshing to remember to do your own designs and pieces!!! These two started as random sketching with no idea where they were going… now…

Quick face studies – April ’19

Hello! Long time no update… I’ve been CRAZY busy with work since I got back from the trip in Nov/Dec (still putting together the blog posts for that, they’re coming!) so rarely have time to do anything… I spend most of my working hours doing costume illustration and sculpting…