Watch the new Beauty & the Beast 2017 trailer

Well. This is exciting isn’t it!!!

I can’t explain how proud I am to have worked on this film with SUCH an incredible team. Beauty & the Beast is my FAVOURITE Disney movie, always has been, so to work on the live action remake was a bit of dream to say the least…

I worked in the Prop Modelling department with a crew of crazily good sculptors, painters, model makers etc… This was probably the biggest film i’d worked on at this point, and i’ve no doubt it will continue to be one of the highlights of my career and a source of very fond memories of my time on it.

I think I must have played the soundtrack on repeat continuously throughout the job… and i’m still not bored of it 😛

Truly I cannot wait for this to be released in the cinema and to see our work on the big screen! Go team!

Beauty & the Beast was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and I was thrilled to spot some of our work in the featured images:

1 December 2016