ZSL London Zoo trip 3rd Nov ’17

Today I met up with Shannon Beaumont, who was my AWESOME tutor when I took the Animal Drawing CGMA class – and two of the other UK based students, James and Alice.

We went to ZSL London Zoo to sketch – turns out I didn’t do much actual sketching, as it was fascinating to watch the others’ processes, but I did shoot a lot of video and stills reference. I find them SO useful to pull from when i’m working.

I uploaded some of the fruit bat footage – terrible actual camera work, but aside from that, I thought it was useful for wings and movement reference, so thought i’d share it…

And a very small selection of images from the day… Not that great in terms of actual photography, but when i’m at the zoo I tend to speedily switch between video and stills to try and capture as much reference from every angle where possible… But there’s occasionally the odd nice one 🙂

… Did I mention I LOVE tigers!? What an absolutely magnificent creature…

This one is a terrible photo, but what a reference! She was yawning, but check out those teeth…

Lens used, for those interested:

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