Sketch-a-Day | Day 20 + timelapse video

Quick time-lapse video exported from the Procreate app on the iPad Pro (using Apple Pencil) of a beautiful cat (Peterbald I think?)

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 20 | 20/1/17

Coloured the cat sketch from yesterday PLUS made a time-lapse video!

Not intended as a tutorial of any sort (as my drawing process in this is all over the shop!) but just a fun little time-lapse, for you know, fun 🙂

This is definitely not in realtime! Drawing probably took about half an hour, then the painting I was noodling around with for maybe an hour and half or so… condensed down to under a minute. Finished in Photoshop for some quick colour tweaks.

I had a photo reference up on my computer screen as I drew on the iPad – I would love to know who the photographer was so I could give due credit, I just found the image on a wallpaper website!? (No copyright infringement intended, just a personal sketch practice piece)

Sketch-a-day Sphynx cat drawing by Brooke Dibble

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20 January 2017
21 January 2017