Sketch-a-Day | Day 21

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 21 | 21/1/17

Another sphynx cat on the iPad Pro! Just a shaded drawing this time, no colour. I tried to keep the time slightly limited, so it could be refined a LOT more, but lets keep it sketchier for now… What an amazing pose. Cats are…

Sketch-a-Day | Day 19

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 19 | 19/1/17

Day ’19’ which is actually being drawn today (20th) to make up for yesterday which I MISSED because I was working all hours of the day and then actually did something social in the evening for the first time in what feels like forever…

Sketch-a-Day | Day 18

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 18 | 18/1/17

More cat studies today! Missing doing ‘nicer’ drawings/paintings but learning a lot. Trying to study the anatomy¬†as much as I can.

These are some quick studies based on drawings in a¬†book by the incredible Terryl Whitlatch (that lady knows her stuff), interesting to…

Sketch-a-Day | Day 16 & 17

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 17 | 17/1/17

Studying the cat paw, continuing the feline theme! Also general¬†digitigrade¬†anatomy. Referenced from various images on good old pinterest – back to the anatomy books tomorrow… Weird how you can see something almost every day but not actually ‘see’ it until you take a closer…

Sketch-a-Day | Day 15

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 15 | 15/1/17

Little monkey studies – body proportion, basic skeleton and quick painted head study.

Experimenting with a different way to display these sketches to show they were done on the iPad… What do you prefer, more graphical like this or the photos directly of the…

Sketch-a-Day | Day 13

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 13 | 13/1/17

Quick (very rough) anatomy study of some really crazily ripped dude who doesn’t seem to have any body fat and looks like an ecorche model… Useful reference!

Wondering whether more quick sketches like these are better or whether to do more in depth…