Sketch-a-Day | Day 12

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 12 | 12/1/17

I did a couple of studies looking at some photos I took at the Grant Museum of Zoology last week of a thylacine skull (only posting this one as the others were just to get an idea of shapes etc)

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Sketch-a-Day | Day 9&10 + timelapse video

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 10 | 10/1/17

Coloured the Hornbill sketch from yesterday… Very quick, again not had too much time for it today! Come on Brooke…

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Sketch a day Day10 – Hornbill study timelapse
Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 9 | 9/1/17

Just a start on this…

Sketch-a-Day | Day 7

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 7 | 7/1/17

Just two little observational sketches drawn from life (death) at the amazing Grant Museum of Zoology – a lion skull and an aardvark skull drawn awkwardly on the iPad Pro in front of the cabinets, surrounded by small children going ‘That’s gross!’ at the jars of dead…

Sketch-a-Day | Day 6

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 6 | 6/1/17

Quick animal skull study in colour, again on the iPad Pro… Weird things, skulls… Reference photo from Bone Clones, some reeeeally useful stuff on their website – i’d love to be able to buy pretty much every thing they have on there!

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Sketch-a-Day | Day 4 + timelapse video

Sketch-a-Day challenge | Day 4 | 4/1/17

Approximately 10/15mins quick study of a beautiful lioness – incredible photo reference purchased from Dreamstime 

I did a bunch of kitten sketches yesterday all of which were rubbish so chose not to post them! But sketching was done, I promise 🙂 

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Sketch-a-day 2014

Going through old bits and bobs and came across a few of my 2014 round of sketch-a-day digital paintings / studies… Why the birds? I wrote down a (really long) list of things i’d like to attempt to draw and to study from and pulled them out of a…