Justice League

Costume FX sculpting & Props sculpting

Working on Justice League was an amazing experience – we had the most fantastic team of digital and practical costume FX artists working under designer Michael Wilkinson’s direction and Pierre Bohanna’s expertise. I don’t think I can go into much detail at this time, but the general gist is I was sculpting (and a bit of costume illustration)


I’m particularly fond of this costume sculpt, loved doing it! The team did a fantastic job of making it physically work on Amber Heard. Hopefully they will release some more detailed costume images soon!

Misc images found online below, which show our costume fairly well…


I only did a little bit on Batman (Tactical Suit stuff), but was heavily involved in Aquaman and Flash…


Coming soon…

I did a bit of prop sculpting for Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos, which again hopefully there will be some images of… (Spotted a gun I sculpted in this GIF!)